Livia & The Rosebuds Entice with New Single

Livia & The Rosebuds have just released their new single “Guess Ur Right.”

Livia is a seasoned performer and a musician who has studied guitar, bass, keys, and drums.  Her music has been playfully irreverently described as “Barbie-rock,” and that’s become a description she devilishly embraces. Livia’s songwriting doesn’t adhere to genres or formulas—she brazenly follows her muses. Her songs have swagger, big emotions, and exude both sass and sensitivity. They’re a culmination of all the rock, pop, soul, and blues she’s soaked up in her musical household and beyond, including her immersion in Memphis’s rich music heritage. She co-writes with bassist/guitarist Landon Moore, and she performs live with her band, Livia & The Rosebuds.

Her passion for music and her non-conformist outlook on life were both evident early on, and even nurtured in her musically-inclined and free-spirited home. Both of her parents have careers in design, and, outside of his day gig, Livia’s father is a dedicated and accomplished musician. Yet, her brazen independence was sometimes at odds with her private, Episcopal, all-girls schooling which often led to feelings of alienation.

These days, Livia maintains a write-a-song-a-week schedule and is always bursting to get back into the studio. When the pandemic lifts, she’s also eager to get back onstage to be where she feels most alive and dialed into the Universe. “When I’m on stage I feel like I’ve finally found a place where I belong,” Livia says. “In those moments, I feel empowered and free.”


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