Timid, the Brave Reveals Gorgeous New Single

Timid, the Brave is the solo moniker of Canadian songwriter Tim Selles. His forthcoming record, Vuja De (out this spring), builds on the communal transition first explored on 2017’s Fireside LP, featuring Nate Wall (King Park) on drums/percussion, Ethan Rooney (The Good Hunters) on bass, and Gareth Inkster on pretty much everything else. Vuja De chronicles the cyclical nature of life, exploring the possibility of finding new meaning in familiar experiences. 

His new single, “St. Maria,” was first penned a couple of years ago during one of the warmest November days on record – so warm that the rose bushes had woken back up and started blooming again. For Timid, the Brave, it felt like one of those moments that could be interpreted as a divine sign, where the universe is trying to tell you something. Afterwards, he started seeing meaning everywhere he looked.

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