Lenci Reveals “Got to Get to Know You”

Lenci, an emerging singer-songwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina, just released “Got to Get to Know You”. She has previously released three EPs: “Hopeless Romantic EP” and “Insanity”, as well as an acoustic version of “Hopeless Romantic EP”. Since the release of her first single, Lenci has performed in many places in Raleigh and the greater Greensboro area, well known throughout the South-Eastern music scene. 

“Got to Get to Know You” is a soulful R&B single off of Lenci’s upcoming EP that sings about wanting to get familiar with a new partner before moving too fast into the relationship. In the chorus, Lenci sings of picking her potential partner’s brain on important subjects such as “Black Lives Matter” and “when’s the next recession”. In the bridge, Lenci reveals that the reason she is so adamant to ask questions and get to know this person is because previously she has met many men with no depth.

Lenci shares:

“I wrote this song in my car while driving to the studio to record another one. I was actually listening to another song that was about something totally unrelated but the instrumental was very introspective and it moved me. That’s usually how my songs are written; randomly at any moment and any given time, even if it’s 3 am and I cant sleep or in the middle of a business meeting or class, etc. Music is what I do when I’m supposed to be doing something else.” 

These lyrics, alongside lovely harmonies and gentle instrumentation, make for a soulful track that establishes her power in the new relationship dynamic that she sings of. The rest of the Hopeless Romantic Pt. 2 EP is set to come out sometime in March 2021, and we can’t wait for more from this talented singer-songwriter. 


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