Maxine Linehan Shares “Moonlight in Vermont”

Ever since its first introduction in 1944 by Margaret Whiting, “Moonlight in Vermont” has repeatedly been covered, performed, and reimagined by a plethora of artists. Needless to say, it is a daunting task for any artist to cover it with a new angle, sonical direction, or atmosphere while respecting the original version. Singer-songwriter and actress Maxine Linehan’s version of this timeless classic is an ethereal, touchy presentation of the original.

Thematically, this cover number is a perfect fit for her recently released opus, This Time Of Year. As Maxine recalls her glorious Christmas days of Childhood throughout the album, a song reminiscing the nostalgic snowy days in Vermont is indeed a fantastic addition to her record. And the snow and wintertime themed lyric of “Moonlight in Vermont” usually evokes a feeling of Xmas, a yearning to embrace holidays.

While delivering inventiveness and a new soul with the arrangement and modern production, Maxine still upholds the heart-stirring jazzy vibe of the original version. This cover serves as a perfect vehicle to demonstrate her versatile, show-stopping vocals and crafty musicianship in general. If you decided to sleep on the album, This Time of Year, this cover of “Moonlight in Vermont” should persuade you to reconsider your decision.

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