Gilli Moon Reveals a “Beautiful Mess”

Award-winning Australian singer, songwriter, producer, and global artist community builder, Gilli Moon has finally revealed her long-awaited release “Beautiful Mess.”

The 8th studio release for the artist, it comes in the form of two double albums, for a total of 24 songs. The majority of songs are self-penned, but feature a few co-writers, and a couple of incredible covers done ‘her way’. “Beautiful Mess” mess encapsulates Moon’s victorious 20 year tumultuous evolution as a polymedia artist who continues to push the envelope forging her entrepreneurial music career, as well as venturing into motherhood, in Los Angeles.  

Always conceptual in her albums, she writes of the zig zag theory of her life story: growing up in an isolated bushland of Australia which toughened her focus and ambition, then arriving in LA to launch her label and successfully release 7 albums. Gilli, truly, was a pioneer of being an ‘indie’ artist before it became fashionable. 

This album speaks to the heart and soul of all self-empowered women and men alike. She throws her songs at you like she does paint on a canvas. You’ll find her sonic textures lingering in your ears, hearts and mind. “Beautiful Mess” blurs boundaries and pushes listeners while keeping them encased in catchy melodies and a continual stream of heart pulsing tracks. If you’re a lover of R&B, Pop, Rock or Dance; there is a chance you are  going to adore what Gilli Moon has to offer.

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