The System Lights Shine Bright with New Video

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The System Lights is spearheaded by main singer-songwriter David Rangel, alongside R.L. Lenfestey, the two have a revolving cast of supporting musicians and friends who help to bring their unique and vibrant songs to life.

Frontman David Rangel shares: 
“When I lived in Minneapolis, I had some friends who were  addicted to heroin. I went on runs with them to score it and watched how the whole process went. The song is basically an anti-drug song. In the last verse the lyrics say “life is a beautiful and ugly thing/but you never get much lower than what copping  brings “ The inspiration was taken from a song by the Velvet Underground called “Waiting For the Man.” They explain what that experience was like when they wanted to cop dope. My song has bleak subject matter put to a pop melody, talking AGAINST scoring drugs.” 
Their howling guitars blend a mixture of British and American influenced music bringing a sound that is unique and their own to your ears. Their lyrics originate from observation of everyday life, travel and popular culture, which the video for “Pop Song 2020” captures immediately. Rich vocals and blistering, effects-laden – as well as bare bones – guitar, are part of this concoction that walks the line between obscure indie and commercial radio rock and roll. Using Flowers Studio (Minneapolis, MN) as their recording home base, they have additionally been working out of Cherry Pit Studios in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. 


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