Maxine Linehan Shares Spirited Holiday Release; Covers the Classic “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”

In our eyes and hearts, Maxine Linehan is the newly crowned Queen of Christmas (sorry, Mariah Carey) after her newest album dropped on November 13th. Not only did she give the early merrymakers an excuse to start blasting holiday music before and during Thanksgiving, but her magical voice has now brought us through the November – December transition with such enchantment.

This Time Of Year, a 12 track album filled with the joyous, snowy, hopeful warmth we all know and love during the Christmas season. Though we could be persuaded to listen to any Christmas album, there’s just something so special about Maxine Linehan’s voice, production, and passion that comes with each track on this album.

The newest single off the album is a lovely rendition of the classic hit “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”. “We live in a world where we continue to be divided by religion, politics, race to name a few subjects,” Maxine says. “John Lennon and Yoko Ono wrote this song asking us to choose peace, asking us to choose kindness. 39 years later we’re still working on it. But I still have hope. 2021 can be a year without fear.”

The album starts with Maxine’s rendition of Somewhere In My Memory/ Believe, that we know and love from the ever popular Christmas movie, The Polar Express, and finishes off with “Silent Night” in a way you have never heard before. But, our favorite track on the album has to be “I’ll Be Seeing You”, as there is a haunting vibe to the track that we never knew we needed.

You can find us decorating our trees, blasting This Time Of Year, and drinking hot chocolate in our candy cane onesies for the next couple of weeks. And we would bet that even those Christmas scrooges and grinches in our lives would love this album.

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