ESCPE Shares Exciting New EP “Cloud Walk”

Create and immerse yourself in your own reverie with ESCPE’s latest EP Cloud Walk, now out
on Gravitas Recordings. Reality is based on what one submerges themself in, and ESCPE
encourages listeners to engage in an absence of mind and exist in their own universe through
six ethereal offerings. Presenting five solo productions and one collaboration with Axel
Thesleff, Cloud Walk is a transcendental tapestry of sonics that resides in the heavens.
“Dawn” approaches with an array of luminous sensatories, guiding occult unknowns across the

As dawn breaks, “Dusk” emerges to restore balance to the cosmos through elegant and
celestial soundscapes. Featuring Axel Thesleff, a euphoric inauguration in “Suncrown”
welcomes listeners to the dark, mystical kingdom of enlightenment. Uplifting and healing vocal
chops revitalize “Memories” once forgotten, as listeners resume their path towards awakening.
“Sacred” is a pensive excursion through the troposphere, voyaging aloft a cumulus of dreamy
synths. “Overgrown” resolves the eclectic Cloud Walk with exquisite acoustics, bidding
farewell as one returns to the Earth’s soil.

Find ESCPE via:

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