Wolfe Hybrid Share Bold New Single “Survivor”

“Survivor,” is a prominent release that flows with a hook and melody both magical and memorable. The vocals and instrumentation blend together in perfect harmony, showcasing the talent of the band on every level; making “Survivor,” truly a special listen.

James P. Noon speaks of the song:

“Survivor” is one of the very first songs we wrote together as Wolfe Hybrid. It came together fairly quickly. From start to finish … it took about an hour to write.  Wolfe Hybrid Lead Vocalist, Jeff Wolfe’s career spans decades in film and television as an action actor turned director. He’s a four (4) time Emmy nominee, who took one home in 2014. Jeff, is a world-class martial artist who has worked along side the likes of Jet Li and Jackie Chan in Hong Kong. He has fought both Ryan Gosling and Reynolds, among others, and has even gone toe-to-toe onscreen with Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers. For this reason, listeners might reasonably assume that “Survivor” is at least somewhat autobiographical in nature. In short, “Survivor” is the story of a man whose priorities shift with the added responsibility (and reward) that comes with raising a young Family. 

In the lyric, the narrator/singer gets paid to soar higher, get set on fire, and fight the heroes, but in the end, it’s when he comes home to his Family that he sees that he’s the true hero.

After all, he “can see it in their eyes….”
Wolfe Hybrid is the musical collaboration of songwriter/producers Jeff Wolfe (vocals) & James P. Noon (acoustic/electric guitars). Both are seasoned entertainment (Film/TV) industry veterans at the top of their respective fields. Wolfe Hybrid was formed in Los Angeles in 2019. Wolfe Hybrid plans to release a full-length LP of original songs in Spring 2021. 

Find more of Wolfe Hybrid via:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolfehybrid/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wolfehybrid
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Os0p7NRfN0iYzqigYJcn4
Website: https://www.wolfehybrid.com/


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