The R Train Shares “Dear Mr. Fantasy”

Is Rock and Roll dead? Well if you ask our new favorite band, The R Train, they will surely tell it is VERY much alive and kicking. In fact, it’s thriving with their newest single release, “Dear Mr. Fantasy” a cover of Traffic’s 1967 release written by Steve Winwood and Traffic. Hailing all the way from the big apple, Mike Annese, Jeff Black, and Denny Lee make up The R Train, named after the popular R Train Line that runs through the New York Boroughs.

Coming off the high of their last release, Take a Ride, The R Train brings us some incredible guitar- centric sounds, grungy vocals, and even cooler video content. The track holds its own when considering the audio version, but the band wanted to feed their fans with some more content by dropping an extremely well shot and well produced music video that really tells a story.

With shots of the band performing the track, fans get to see shots of the bassist, the dummer, and the vocalist rock out with a clean white background, allowing our attention to be only on them. The shots are centered around the message of the track: a hope for the possibilities of the future.

There are some artists we come across who have tracks that are “earworms,” or songs we just can’t seem to get out of our heads. The R Train is one of those artists. So far with these three single releases, they are 3 for 3 with sonic wins, and we cannot wait to hear what they have up next!

The R Train: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube

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