Zach and Melissa Walker Unveil “There’s Snow-One Like You”

Zach and Melissa Walker share a delightful new record with us this holiday season titled “There’s Snow-One Like You.” What started out last year as a gift for family and friends, The Walkers are now sharing their spirit with the rest of the world.

Zach Walker shares of the creation of the record:

“We were inspired to make this album primarily because we simply love Christmas music and the whole holiday season. We love getting to make music together as husband and wife in this duo, and our primary outlet for this project has been Christmas music so far. There are so many holiday songs that we both love, and it is easy to find common ground in our taste. We both have other things we do a lot of the year and other music projects that we work on independently, but this has been a great opportunity to come together and share something we both love. The songs on this album are all covers of popular Christmas songs, there is nothing necessarily new within it, but that’s the great thing about Christmas music. We get to put our own spin on songs that have been around for years and sung by many of our favorite artists, and yet we also draw from those songs and get to pay tribute to those that have helped stamp this music into our minds over the years.  We hope to continue making Christmas music together for a long time, and this album may also lead to some other music down the road from us that isn’t specifically holiday music as we really have enjoyed recording together as Zach and Melissa Walker.”

Throughout the record, Zach and Melissa harmonize beautifully, as they provide a stunning new take on the classic Christmas songs. From the acclaimed single “Christmas Tears,” to the gorgeous rendition of “O Holy Night,” they bring an enchanting sound to the table. The music will have you not only excited for the holidays, but for what Zach and Melissa have to offer in the coming year.

“There’s Snow-One Like You,” is out via all digital outlets now.

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