Expect the Best from Lauren Waller’s “Best Coast”

Mary Ellen Waller &  Lauren Waller

“Best Coast” is the newest single by LA-based artist Lauren Waller, set to be released on June 1st. Following the release of her last single “Night Stalker” in March, “Best Coast” is the next track to be included in Lauren’s already substantial discography of 2 EPs and multiple singles. This track begins with hard-hitting percussive and electronic elements that immediately capture the ears of its listener. Soon after, Lauren surprises us with spoken word verses reminiscent of early 2000s Kesha, and a sung chorus about the West [best] Coast and the charms of California.


This song is the perfect blend of modern and electronic-textured pop with electro-synths and a hard-edged beat that accompanies Lauren’s soulful vocals that have garnered her comparisons to pop icon Lorde and others. A track such as this one should be played on a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway (or any highway, shoutout to the east coast) with the volume way up, and we have no doubt that listeners this summer will be doing just that.

Listen to “Best Coast” here:

Connect with Lauren Waller:






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