Video Voyager: 3Q’s with Ámaris Wen

Ámaris Wen is a pop singer, songwriter and producer based in London, England. Her latest album Dream World is coming out on June 19th. Throughout the promotion process she has dropped a few music videos for some of the tracks you can expect to hear on her album including one for “Too Sad.” We found this project particularly interesting and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn more from Ámaris herself!


Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way? 

I knew that I wanted to have the aesthetics with the gloomy space, so we were looking for a location. We first had wanted to film the video in an underground car park, but then we wanted to see if we could find more spots, and we just walked through this amazing, empty subway to get outside, and suddenly stopped and thought, ‘This place is exactly what we were looking for, we’ll film here!’ So, it was sort of a spontaneous thing. The song is about broken trust, about letting go, about having to move forward, and the process can be difficult, and that’s what we wanted to tell with the story.

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)? 

We really wanted to have this story of the protagonist that is in this rather gloomy
subway, to walk out of it and towards a new beginning. The several shots where I walk up and down that passage and into the subway again was meant to visualize the process of letting something or someone go, but then still wanting to return to that habit, or career, or person again. That long b-roll at the end of the video then shows that the protagonist ‘doesn’t look back’ and walks away from this door that no longer leads anywhere. It’s a bit like in ‘Beauty and the Beast’, where Belle’s dad has to decide which road he wants to take just before he discovers the castle, so that actually inspired me when we were thinking about how to visualize the song.
What was the process of making this video? 
I always try and get an idea what the video could look like, and what could be the best way to visualize the music. Then, you research and go and try to find locations, which was a bit more difficult because the lockdown was just beginning, and we had to make sure that we were able to keep the distance and keep everyone safe. You figure out what frames you need, and what story you want to tell, and then you have to make sure that you get enough material. Once you have the footage, you have to edit everything and put it together. I actually really enjoy the process, because it allows you to actually show what you wanted to tell with your music. Music videos can be such a great outlet for that!

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