Fall in Love With Bhavani Hope’s Debut EP “I Love You So Much”!


“I Love You So Much” is Arizona-based singer Bhavani Hope’s first single to hit streaming platforms, released on May 15. The song is the title track on her debut EP containing different style remixes of the song in the trance, trap, and house genres. Bhavani Hope blends EDM with spirituality, and this is evident in her unique sound. Before pursuing music, Hope was a yoga instructor with a passion for spiritually finding balance and interconnectedness in life, and now seeks to incorporate this into her composition and lyrical process, finding a new balance of her own. This process includes using the harmonium, an organ-like instrument, which definitely sets her apart from other EDM musicians.

This track is near and dear to Bhavani’s heart, as she composed it with her 5-year-old daughter. This and the song’s genre-bending musicality truly makes it a special piece. According to Bhavani, “I Love You So Much” is about “the journey of self-love and looking inside yourself for the unconditional love you crave”. This beautiful message is backed with a catchy hook made up of Bhavani’s sweet and sensual vocals, accompanied by a burst of powerful electro-pop. Her skillfully layered harmonies and percussive EDM elements make “I Love You So Much” a track you won’t want to miss.

Connect with Bhavani Hope:

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