Brand New, Empowering Anthem from Purple Tone Flower!


During these uncertain times, it’s important to find outlets that feel light and joyous. For many, that outlet is music that can make you jam out and dance. Lucky for us, the single “We Will Fight For Us” by Purple Tone Flower is the perfect pop-funk track to make you want to get up and dance those worries away, even if just for a moment. With this track set to be released on May 22nd, Purple Tone Flower introduces us to his second single available on all streaming platforms, following his debut single “I Wanna Make It,” both of which will be included in his first full-length album set to be released in August 2020.

Chilean musician Mauricio Flores Sánchez is the man behind the solo project Purple Tone Flower. Sánchez is entirely self-taught, and his talent is skillfully evident in this track. It blends laid back grooves with funky guitar riffs throughout the song that lead up to an impressive guitar solo at the bridge. With a hook such as this one, you will be sure to be humming its catchy tune for days. The soulful vocals convey meaningful lyrics about a system in need of change and calls for people to fight for what they wish to see and be free. There is no doubt that this message is especially relevant today, so stream this delightful tune to escape your worries for a bit and dance.

Connect with Purple Tone Flower:

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