Parry Adams is an Artist to Watch

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Pittsburgh-based, folk singer-songwriter Parry Adams has released her single, “Whiskey Aftermath” which is the title track off her EP that came out on April 25th as well.

Adams prides herself on her honest songwriting, and this track is a testament to that. Her soulful vocals and wonderfully crafted lyrics contrast the upbeat melody of the song, making the perfect twist.

According to Parry, “Whiskey Aftermath is, in essence, a breakup song but not the sloppy-I-hate-your-guts-you-cheating-bastard breakup song. This song grows from two people who loved each other very much but came to understand that they wanted very different things. These different things could only result in paths that went in opposite directions.” We can’t wait for the next story she’s got up her sleeve!

Stream “Whiskey Aftermath” below:


Connect with Parry:

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