RuudAwakening: The Hip Hop You’ve Been Waiting For


RuudAwakening unveils his epic new release “CATHARSIS,” for your listening pleasure. Far from your typical Trap-Rap act, RuudAwakening is making music on his own terms. With a fresh flow and killer beats, he brings his truest form to the 10-song release. No guest spots, no fillers; all RuudAwakening.

His vocals and lyricism create a truly unique sound that makes RuudAwakening a true visionary in the field. “CATHARSIS,” is his debut full length release, and an impressive one right out of the gates. His vocals and rhymes are melodic and harmonious, bringing his story and message to life. The title of the album portrays his awakening and realization stemming from depression, fear, misery and insecurity, which builds him upon to have strength, assurance and peace within.

RuddAwakening shares of the record:

I wanted to create something with a lot of feeling, meaning, honesty and sincerity. I believe that I have. I want my listeners to be able to look at my core, and perhaps see themselves there as well. This music is for everybody. Catharsis is here to heal you.

Standout tracks for us include “Paradise,” “Runway,” and “Love Junkie,” which help to show the range and talents of RuddAwakening as an artist.  Though it’s hard to choose favorites as each piece has their own tone and story.

Hip Hop has been a spiritual journey for the artist, as he took comfort in the genre at an early age. Influenced by notable artists such as Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky, Nas and more, he honed his writing and producing skills as he created a unique sound and vision all of his own.

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