Magical Beasts Show Their Musical Powers on New Release


Magical Beasts are a Chicago-based Folk act that is making waves in a big way. Their latest “Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching” was released at the tail end of 2019, but carries itself boldly into the new decade.


Throughout the record, each song tells its own story while weaving common threads throughout. Filled to the brim with pieces about love and devotion, it also brings out the sexual imagery within the release.


For fans of artists such as Nick Cave, Sun Kill Moon and Leonard Cohen, Magical Beasts is truly their own musical force. Favorite songs of ours include “Darling,” and “In Praise,” which had us instantly head over heels. The brainchild of artist Nathan Paulus, he brings Josh Miller and John Herbst to the lineup. As the album and band is a true labor of love and artistic expression, Paulus also teams up with different musicians in the Chicago area to collaborate.


Magical Beast’s “Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching” is out digitally, now.

Connect with Magical Beasts via:


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