Sarah Schonert Unleashes Bold LP


Sarah Schonert is an artist to put on your radar immediately. Her new full length release comes In the form of “Songs About Sounds,” which will be sweet candy to your ears. The record is truly a labor of love for Sarah, as she produced, and wrote the tracks on the release. Her synth-driven sounds bring a strong, avant-garde song to the table, as her strong vocals help to bring the songs to life. Sarah’s approach to music is both interesting and unique as she blends in elements of her career and hobbies into the mix.


Sarah shares with us about the release:


I felt like I was really finding my voice with my previous LP (Penguin Party), and since then I’ve released an EP and a holiday album that have been progressing me forward with my instruments and gear. Songs About Sounds features a heavy dose of piano, as is my style, but also some hidden guitar and vintage synths. Like Penguin Party, many of the songs rely on a hardware looper for the driving grooves.”


As each song breathes a different life into the record, we found ourself head over heels for tracks like the visionary “Ain’t No Weight But Your Own,” and “Hold You Up,” a vibrant piece on the release.

The 10-song album will have you craving more of the artist, as each song flows perfectly from one to the next. Blissful guitars and pianos are placed throughout, as Sarah’s vocals hover over like an angel on a cloud.


Sarah Schonert’s “Songs About Sounds,” is out digitally, now.


Listen in here:

Listen on Bandcamp.

Stream and playlist “Songs About Sounds” on Spotify.


Find Sarah via:







Youtube Channel

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