Rob Alexander Releases Touching Record

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 9.24.43 PM

Rob Alexander is an artist to put on your radar with his latest album “Being Myself.” A bold release for the artist, he brings to the table a mixture of adult contemporary pop-rock that will be lingering in your ears or days. The new album is nothing short of epic. On the release he features members of Elton John’s band, guitarist Robbie Angelucci and Kevin Taylor, with production by Gabe Lopez. On the release his signature sound comes to life as he leaves no stone unturned.

The songs are driven by heavy melodies and crooning vocals that will entice your ears with ever listen. The release features an epic 15-songs for you to dive into, and though they each have their own path and journey, the tracks come together to bring a cohesive and vibrant sound to your ears.

Standout tracks for us include the title track “Being Myself,” “Our Love Will Last Forever,” and “Never Gonna Let You Go.” The later, is a song that Rob had written after the passing of one of his closet friends in the past year.

Heartbreaking and heartfelt, it carries the record home. From start to finish there are surprises at every corner…just what are ears have asked for.

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