Fern Unveils Gorgeous EP

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 9.10.23 PM

Fern is an artist to have your eyes and ears on in the New Year. Releasing at the end of last year her new, 6-song EP, “Resurrection Fern,” the collection of songs is a bold and beautiful direction for the artist.

With her captivating and emotive voice, she brings to the table a unique vision that is truly her own. Bringing her epic songwriting skills to the table, it’s a charming batch of songs that echo throughout. On the tracks Fern comes to life like never before.

Honest lyrics lay over a harmonious bed of music that touches the very heart and soul. Standout tracks on the record include “Siren“ and “Wayside“ which breathe life into the release. As each song acts as a story, there is no dull moment on the record, as Fern is set on keeping you entertained.

While her last record “Beyond the Trees,” saw the artist creating a big, multi-layered sound, “Resurrection Fern,” is stripped down, laid back and more organic in sound and feel. No matter what Fern touches, all that she produces in gold. We’re eager to hear more of Fern this year, as our ears are surely delighted.

Listen in here:

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