Robertas Semeniukas Releases Epic Gem of an Album

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Robertas Semeniukas is an artist on the rise. One of Lithuania’s hardest working musicians, he brings to the table an eclectic sound that will entice your ears and soul. His newest album comes in the form of “Backstage Stories,” which was released late last year. The album is truly an artistic vision come to life as Semeniukas brings his masterpiece into the world. The record boasts a stunning 20-tracks, which is a breath of fresh air at every corner. Consisting of 12 instrumental pieces on the release, the album also features a covert of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s classic “You Gotta Move,” which he does great justice.

Semeniukas shares of the record:
“As a musician and guitarist I used to play and record with the different bands and artists for many years. But deep inside I carried a passion and vision that I would record and perform as a solo artist. It took me many years to finally pursue recording a solo album which would have plenty of guitar compositions and my vocal could be heard. For this album I was inspired by my guitar heroes – Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Slash, Guns N’Roses, Queen, Metallica, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and many others.”
Within every listen, each song shows the talent of Semeniukas. Standout songs on the album for me include “ Icebreaker Comes To Town,” “Eat My Dust,” and “Negerki, broleli,” all which help you discover the full range of the artist and record.
Swirling guitars are perfectly arranged throughout the release, which brings a vibrant and intense sound to your ears.
For those who dig the guitar stylings of Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Slash, Steve Stevens, and Eddie Van Halen, you’ll be head over heels for Robertas Semeniukas.
Turn it up loud and listen in!
Listen in here:
Find Robertas Semeniukas via:

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