The Pairs Lure Us in With Latest Single

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The Pairs don’t quite fit any particular genre and they like that!  (And so do we!)
With three unique songwriters at the helm, The Pairs create a diverse repertoire using their individual lives as inspiration.

The group shares of the track:

‘Did I’ is an anthem that emerged from the tense and sometimes blameful feelings that often follow disagreements. The song articulates some of the inner dialogue that comes with a lot of reflection, a bit of self loathing and an ultimate desire to feel at peace with yourself and all of the people you share the world with. Produced by Matt Grady at EMAC Recording Studios. London, On. Matt was the perfect fit for this project. Our visions for the project immediately connected and we were able to build on one another’s ideas and possibilities for each song! It was so exciting to take the bare bones of the songs into the studio and watch them become what we had only been able to imagine. Immediately, Matt recognized that our biggest strength was in our vocal arrangements and the blend of our voices. Having come from a classical choral background, we are very used to needing to produce a certain type of sound for a live audience. We wanted to convey that musicality through our recording and Matt had us sing most of the vocal parts together in the round.There is a certain type of energy that translates when people are singing together and interacting with one another in a recording and we are so happy that Matt trusted our ability enough to put us in the round.

Employing music as a tool for sharing stories of life’s challenges, hope and hilarity, The Pairs inherently connect with their audience through their emotion-full performances. Powered by 3 classically trained vocalists and a former punk rock drummer, their unique blend of harmony and rhythm will hug your eardrums and inspire you to dance!

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