Dirty Snowman Society Shares a “TASTE OF HEAVEN”

Dirty Snowman Society - Taste of Heaven Cover.png

The first word that comes to mind when listening to “Taste of Heaven” by Dirty Snowman Society is seduction. The distorted lead guitar tone pulls at the ears by teasing resemblance to “Smooth” by Santana while the overall track appears to nod to Nirvana. The deep lead vocal sits somewhere in between soothing, pleading and agitated. These are just a few of the many layers this track has to offer the listener.

Clearly of the Rock ’n’ Roll age, the balance of pleasantries and distortion in the tracks instrumentation further drives home the overall message of the emotional duality associated with being in an entrancing yet toxic relationship. The backup vocalists in the chorus exude an almost angelic tone while accompanying the lead vocalist on the words “your slice of hell tastes like heaven to me” but to make sure there isn’t a shift too heavily in one direction or another, there are a lot of distorted and dissonant guitar parts happening deeper in the track to maintain the conflict. Even the final ending tone carries this metaphor home – it’s messy, a little dirty but still pleasant.

Stream “Taste of Heaven” by Dirty Snowman Society now on all of your favorite streaming platforms.

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