Get Down with the New Single from The Normal Living

Jersey City natives The Normal Living (TNL) have just released a new sound with their single How It All Went Down. T​ he song starts out with a bang, a heavy electric guitar riff immediately grasping the listener’s attention. The beat is met with enchanting vocals and thoughtful lyrics.
Before you get caught up in headbanging along to the beat of the drums, the lyrics hit you like a tidal wave. ​“There are no reasons why this should ever make sense.”​ The track tells the heartbreak and grief of a mother losing a daughter to suicide.
“All these empty stares with nothing to say. If they ever really cared would it be this way?”
It is gut wrenching and full of emotion. The song aims to bring awareness to suicide and mental health.
We can’t wait for what’s to come from TNL’s upcoming album, being released in 2020.

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