HITHA Entices With New Single


Pop songstress, Hitha, is way more than just a smooth voice and a charismatic personality. She is a dedicated role model for the younger generation, and has made it her mission to be an advocate for those who are not given a voice. She does this through music, and inspiring people to love themselves, feel confident, and spread kindness. 


Hitha is unlike any other 14 year old you have ever met, considering how she just launched a tour this past August in India, that she named INSPIRE, bringing together more than 2,000 fans. She is expected to continue the tour across major cities, spreading awareness and bringing people together through her music.


“Got Me Liking You” is the latest release from Hitha, combining an upbeat melody and a heart-warming message. Unlike her other tracks, this one is the first that is a light-hearted, feel-good, romantic movie type. And we must say, Hitha nailed it.


After the first chorus, the catchy melody makes listeners get up and dance, and the sweet lyrics are earworms for memorization. Hitha is set to release a number of upcoming singles, “Tell Me Why” and “Chocolate Kisses” to name just a few. 


If her next few tracks are anything like “Got Me Liking You”, then we may just have to start looking for flights to see Hitha perform these songs live!


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