Lucinda Belle Goes BIG On New Album

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Lucinda Belle has just released her charming new album “Think Big: Like Me,” to the delight of our ears. The Alt-Jazz singer-songwriter places herself in a whole new genre, as she blends sonically alluring tones and melodies to create a harmonious record you will not soon forget. No stranger to the world of music, Belle has recorded two major albums, has been nominated for an Oscar (!!!) and performed in nearly every continent around the world. Impressive to say the least!

“Think Big: Like Me,” is filled with musical surprises as Belle brings her heaven-sent sound to the table in full force. With elements of Reggae, Jazz, the Blues, and a bit of Soul coming into the mix, she broadens her horizons and takes her music to a whole new level with the record. Her seductive and enchanting sound will take you on a musical journey throughout the clouds.

Belle shared regarding the record:

“My inspiration for this album was a ‘sound ‘I discovered though ToeRag Studios which came about through recording the whole thing in a 50’s analogue studio. We went old school, we mastered our work in rehearsal and recorded it on old 50’ mics, mixers, desks, amps and springs. The Result of which is a warmth that cannot be recreated digitally. I’m very proud of this… oh and did I forget to mention.. it was a break up album!!! I’ll be Loving you was my first song on the album,… I wrote it still crying from the break up… and I put ‘Don’t Go Chasing Your Heart’ at the end of the album to represent the transition and realisation I’d been through, throughout the process. There’s something here for everyone I hope!

While each track stands prominently on their own, Belle has created a unique album that is also very cohesive. Personal favorite songs on the record include “Do Me Right,” “Time Won’t Wait,” and “I Believe,” but trust me…it’s hard to choose favorites when each piece is enlightening and delightful.

Her grace and glory for telling a story within each song is truly a talent, as everything and anything is fair game.  One of the most authentic artists of the past 20 years, ladies and gentleman do yourself a favor and give a listen to “Think Big: Like Me,” today…you won’t be sorry.


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