Aura Blaze Shines on New Release

Screenshot 2019-07-12 at 6.34.49 PM.png

Aura Blaze is at it again with the new album “The Sparkling Black.” Definitely one of the most ambitious releases of the year, each song is filled with fiery passionate lyrics, and intense instrumentation that will leave your ears ringing for days.

Sonically alluring from beginning to end, the 9-song release is a standout for Aura Blaze. Hailing from New Jersey, Rhode Rachel, brainchild of Aura Blaze, brings a dose of psych-rock to the table like your ears have never heard before.

In depth lyricism find it’s home and comfort in swirling instrumentation that breaks into the very core of the album. No holding back, Aura Blaze is in this for the long run. The release finds itself with lush, brilliant vocals, as Aura Blaze also calls in the help of a friend or two. A personal favorite on the record is “Manipulation,” in which singer Björn Strid comes on board for vocals. The frontman of the noteworthy Swedish Metal band, Soilwork, the two are a match made in Rock n’ Roll heaven.

Other standout tracks on the record for us include “Hope It All Works Out,: and “Keep on Believing.” Though one right after another Aura Blaze somehow outdoes himself with the build up of each track. The soundscape that flows throughout the record, which makes “The Sparkling Black” one of the very best, if not THE best album that will enchant your ears this year.

Catch Aura Blaze’s new lyric video, here:
Catch Aura Blaze via:

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