Listen In! Kevin West Shares Epic EP


Kevin West is far from your average singer-songwriter. The  eclectic artist is currently sharing his new EP titled “Story of My Life,” which was released last month m. On the record we hear an artist that is truly making himself in the Americana scene. His heartfelt lyrics combined with his intricate instrumentation perks our ears up and widens our eyes.

West recently shares of the release:
 “My songs are about my real life experiences and I think that gives it an honest quality people can relate to. The level of musicianship on THIS project is the best I have achieved so far in this long life of music I have been living.”
Throughout the record we hear honest lyricism, which provides the storytelling nature of each track. West shares his journey within 6-epic songs that grace the EP from start to finish. He shares his first person experiences in life while holding nothing back…which we love. Combining an array of elements from Americana to Jazz, each song offers up a bit of surprise. Standout tracks like “One Too Many,” and the title track “Story of My Life” offer up a great look into West’s world. The EP as a whole goes in waves as each song ebbs and flows gracefully…and we are certainly on board.
Kevin West’s impressive new EP “Story of My Life,” is our via all digital outlets now.

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