RIVITA Unleashes the Song of the Summer


Rivita is quickly becoming a mainstay in the New York scene…and beyond. Currently calling Brooklyn home, Rivita is quickly revealing herself as one of the best kept secrets of 2019. Today she comes to us in the form of her new single “Everyday is Beautiful,” which truly shows the essence and vibrancy of the artist. The track is absolutely addictive from start to finish as her sound is like nothing your ears have heard in the past few years.

Rivita recently shared with the world her view point of the song:

“To me Everyday is Beautiful describes the joy that comes with walking in the direction of your dreams and living your purpose. I think if we wake up everyday with a plan and decide that this day is going to productive and wonderful then we can achieve anything. Music is my life and because of it, Everyday is Beautiful !”

It’s vibrant, it’s fresh, it instantly proves that she has stying power as an artist in the current day scene and beyond. Her vocals hover like a dream over a melodic bed of vocals, that has you wondering where Rivita has been your entire life. Dig into her new single below and keep an ear out….this is only the beginning for the buzzworthy artist…


Give a listen to Rivita’s New Single here:

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