Back At It Again! Catherine MacLellan


After a long break from focusing on her own music, Catherine MacLellan returns with a record of transition, heartbreak and the joy of life, a much anticipated 6th album of original work. Although this is a return to her own music, Catherine has been busy for the last 4 years creating an album of her father’s music, a stage show and a documentary all in tribute to her late legendary father, Gene MacLellan. Currently sharing her new piece “Out of Time,” give a listen and watch:

“It’s been an important time for me,” says Catherine, “bringing my father’s life and music back into the world. I’ve learned a lot about myself and and who he was. I’m ready, though, to get back to my own path and to bring these songs into the world. They’ve been waiting for me.”

Her last album of original material, THE RAVEN’S SUN, won a JUNO for Roots Recording of the Year in 2015. Since then she’s been building a backlog of songs just waiting to come to light. COYOTE is comprised of 14 songs that take the listener through a journey of loss, change and new love. The songs are a result of big changes in her life and perspective and it was recorded in PEI at her home studio. And while The Raven’s Sun was an intimate look into her musical work with long-time collaborator Chris Gauthier, COYOTE builds on that and adds the sounds of a fuller band as well as some more traditional East Coast instrumentation of accordions, fiddles and bouzouki. Produced by Catherine herself, this album is not a return to the status quo, but is a sonic departure and a continuation on the road deeper into the depths of her songwriting heart.

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