Auvic Ignites with New Single, “Embers Inside,” feat. Caroline Kim


“Embers Inside” (Feat. Caroline Kim), is the first track off Auvic’s unreleased album “Soulfire.”

His sound is best compared to that of Daft Punk and Deadmau5. If those two artists had a love child, it would be Auvic.

Wrapped up in a punchy mix of airy synths, rich bass, and head-banging beats, the song tells the story of an individual who “relinquishes her origin, travels through the enduring blaze of her past, and achieves peace.” As the song progresses through a smooth melodic symphony, you can feel the storyline take a dramatic turn as the intensity of the beat increases. We learn the achievement of peace left her filled with regret, because along the way she surrendered her honor.

Auvic does a great job on this track of storytelling through melody and simple lyrics. Listeners 
are able to feel the shift in emotions and the journey as the song progresses. Check out the rest of Auvics tracks on “Soulfire” to uncover the rest of the story!


Check him out via:



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