The New COOL LIFE Record is HOT!


Cool Life is a band that you need to know NOW! The supergroup who releases their debut, and possibly last record, entice you with an ambitious sound that brings out the best in Alt-Rock.

Made up of Alex Nauth (Foxy Shazam, The Skulx) , Cole Walsh-Davis (Cadaver Dogs), Sam Duff (Loudmouth) Chris Harrison and Kamal Hiresh (Honeyspiders), the group also bring in former Foxy Shazam frontman Eric Nally on their debut single “Waves.”
The record is brilliant from start to finish with infectious hooks, vibrant and exciting instrumentation and vocals that will be ringing in your ears for days. Tracks such as “Repeater,” and “Shapeshifter,” grabs our attention and holds it, as we find ourselves falling head over heels time and time again.
Do yourself a favor this weekend and grab a copy of Cool Life’s self-titled release…you won’t want to miss out on this!
Watch “Waves” here:

Connect with the band  & find the record via:



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