Eli Lev Goes the Distance on “Way Out West”

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Folk artist, Eli Lev, originally from the DC area, is known most for his smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and out of the box ideas. Lev just recently released a crowdsourced, fan involved video for his track, “Chasing Daylight.” With weeks of work behind it, the video features Eli Lev fans from all around the world, singing and smiling to his uplifting track. Now, Eli is ready to give his fans even more songs to sing along to, with the newest release of his full EP, Way Out West.

Unconventional in the most refreshing way possible, Eli Lev is now officially at the halfway point of his four album project, Four Direction EPs. Way Out West, is album release number two out of four, right in front of his previous EP, All Roads East, which features notable tracks like, “Making Space” and “Go Down.”

With five diverse yet cohesive tracks, Way Out West is centered around Eli’s smooth voice and acoustic guitar. In a way, this EP seems to be going in a completely different direction than his previous EP, yet still incorporating important elements that worked from his past tracks.

This EP feels comforting for its listeners, in it’s uplifting lyrics and “looking forward” attitude. With songs like, “Oh My Lord”, “Water” , and his most recent single release, “Treason”. This EP reminds listeners that it’s okay to live in the moment, and it’s okay to look back on your past for lessons to learn from.

With Way Out West, Eli Lev delivers a gift of relatability, honesty, and sincerity through his music, and although we don’t know what direction Eli will be taking us next, we know that we are definitely ready for this music journey with him.

Listen to Way Out West here: https://soundcloud.com/elilevmusic/

Find Eli Lev Here:






Eli Lev on Spotify

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