Horsehead Reveal Stunning Record “Pageant Wave”


Want to be instantly transported to a place of peace and serenity? Americana-infused supergroup HORSEHEAD’s new record “Pageant Wave,” will do just that. Releasing today, the album is available on all of your favorite digital platforms.


With soothing melodies and amazing soundscapes, Horsehead will have you swept off into a world of absolute content. Throughout the record the band works as a cohesive unit to bring the most elegant songs we’ve heard all year.


Debut single ‘The Misprint’ is one of our favorites. It’s filled with dreamy undertones and will have you closing your eyes imagining your happy place in mere seconds. With harmonious vocals this track stands out for 2018.

The elegance that is translated through this record takes our breath away. There is something about the songs that really reaches out to you. It’ll have you imagining you’re laying on a fluffy cloud in the sky without a single worry in your mind.


‘Pageant Wave’ is the perfect Americana Rock album. There are so many different journeys that this album will take you on. Get ready to be amazed!


Find more of HORSEHEAD and Get “Pageant Waves” on the links below:

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