Watch This Video On Human Rights & Gun Control and Please Go Out and VOTE.


“Colors In A Dream” is a new single released by Alan Scott Band. The video that came along with it holds a very important message today – November 6, 2018.

It seeks to spark a change and motivate people to head to the polls.


The videos main focus points are human rights and gun control.

It features many political activists that we have all seen in the media, including Manuel Oliver – father of the late Joaquin Oliver who was a victim of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Parts of the were filmed at a handful of important events, including at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


We encourage you to watch the video and go vote.

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The Hate Club Get “Unplugged” On New EP


The Hate Club kick off the week with a stunning EP, “The Hate Club Unplugged Pt. 1.”  Fronted by musician Alex Poe, for the release he offers up stripped down acoustic versions of songs from “Misfits,” and “Space Born” ; two notable releases that won over our eardrums right from the get-go.

The 5-song releases is a nice treat for the ears, as it give a whole new dimension and feel for each song. Featuring standout singles such as “One Mile Away,” in another form, it skillfully shows Poe’s talents as both as songwriter and performer. Whether acoustic or electronic The Hate Club will make your draw drop as you dive in a bit deeper into the alluring sounds.

The Hate Club releases “The Hate Club Unplugged Pt.1” out today via all digital outlets.

1. Hello, My Friend
2. Poison
3. One Mile Away
4. Fire
5. Little by Little

Heather Gruber Unveils Upcoming Record

Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 7.18.05 PM.png

Heather Gruber is an artist steadily on the rise, and with her bold new record in tow “Dance into the Desert,” she gears up for November 30th release. Currently circulating her new single “Stepped Outside,” it is the perfect first glimpse we get into the world of Gruber’s vibrant song-crafting. On the album we hear an artist that is creating music on her own terms.


As “Stepped Outside” drew me in with prominent lyrics and instrumentation, she carried the piece alongside the gorgeous track “Dancing on the Edge.” On the record she blends strong elements of Indie, Folk, Rock and Pop, as she quickly proves she has staying power.

For fans of artists such as Regina Spektor and John Mayer, Gruber is ready to play for the masses. On the album she stands out with songs such as “Letting Go” and “Ready or Not,” as each piece ties elegantly into the next.

We are eager to hear more from the charming artist in the months to come, as she is gearing up for her best year ever.

Listen to Heather Gruber, here:

Stepped Outside

Dancing On The Edge
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Elza Releases a Delightful Treat, “Nothing’s Wrong,” Out Today!

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Hailing from Canada meet your new favorite artist…Elza. Today sees the release of her new album “Nothing’s Wrong,” and it’s safe to say we are head over heels. Influenced by artists such as PJ Harvey, Bat For Lashes and Portishead, the sultry songwriter adds her own elements of musical goodness into the mix.
As a solo artist Elza puts on many hats for the record including writer, composer, arranger and producer. A true labor of love the record took the artist over 2 years to fully complete. The result is a gorgeously crafted collection of songs that leaves our hearts beating a little faster.
 Standout singles on the record include the acclaimed “Swayed,” which entices your ears further into the record, and “Moonlight and I” which kick the album off with a bang.
 Throughout it is evident that her strong songwriting and performing skills create a charming masterpiece that will stand the test of time.
“Nothing’s Wrong” is out today, November 2.
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Geoff Gibbons Welcomes Fall on New Single

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Geoff Gibbons releases a gorgeous new single, appropriate for the season, titled “Fall Girl.” Gibbon’s “ode to Autumn,” is that…and more. On the track we hear the Vancouver based artist bring in the season on his own terms. His smooth Folk Rock sound makes us fall in love with Gibbons, as the track shows us that change can indeed be good.

Creating music on his own terms, Gibbons brings beauty both in his songwriter and performance, setting all the world as a stage. On the track we hear a true labor of love with gorgeously strummed guitars, Gibbon’s unique and sultry vocal styling, and a dose of vibrancy throughout. We wish it would stay Fall forever….

Geoff Gibbon’s “Fall Girl,” is out via digital platforms now. Stream the track via SPOTIFY

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Meet Your New Obsession: Deb Montgomery

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Deb Montgomery has been on our radar strongly this Fall, and it is safe to say she has won over our ears. Just releasing the new EP, “All the Water,” the Seattle native brings elements of Folk, Rock, and dashes of Alternative into the mix.

After stints in Toronto and New York City, Montgomery made the move to Seattle…a wise choice for sure. Bringing her own musical goodness to the table, she proves immediately she is an unstoppable force. Heavy drums, thick bass, swirling guitars and unforgettable vocals bring the song to a whole new level as everything and anything is fair game with Montgomery.

Gorgeously placed strings also make an appearance on the release which add an extra dose of heaven for our ears. Standout tracks for me include “All the Water, ” and “Wake Me,” which are two sleek and important pieces from the artist.

Showing no signs of slowing down as we head into the New Year, Deb Montgomery will entice your ears time and time again. Get ready…

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