Heather Gruber Unveils Upcoming Record

Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 7.18.05 PM.png

Heather Gruber is an artist steadily on the rise, and with her bold new record in tow “Dance into the Desert,” she gears up for November 30th release. Currently circulating her new single “Stepped Outside,” it is the perfect first glimpse we get into the world of Gruber’s vibrant song-crafting. On the album we hear an artist that is creating music on her own terms.


As “Stepped Outside” drew me in with prominent lyrics and instrumentation, she carried the piece alongside the gorgeous track “Dancing on the Edge.” On the record she blends strong elements of Indie, Folk, Rock and Pop, as she quickly proves she has staying power.

For fans of artists such as Regina Spektor and John Mayer, Gruber is ready to play for the masses. On the album she stands out with songs such as “Letting Go” and “Ready or Not,” as each piece ties elegantly into the next.

We are eager to hear more from the charming artist in the months to come, as she is gearing up for her best year ever.

Listen to Heather Gruber, here:

Stepped Outside

Dancing On The Edge
Connect with Heather Gruber via:

Youtube Channel


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