Ajay Mathur Crafts a “Little Boat”


Ajay Mathur is an absolute delight on the latest release, “Little Boat,” which hit stores earlier this Spring. The theme of the record channels Ajay’s own life and the struggles the artist has had throughout the years. Quoted as “Growing stronger in the face of adversity,” Ajay has come out of the tough situations stronger and better than ever; facing those challenges that laid ahead. On the record there we hear a vibrant collection of songs that will draw your attention from the start. From the brilliant rock ballad of “Ordinary Memory,” to the slightly comedic nature of “Forget About Yesterday,” Ajay brings an eclectic sound to the forefront. With a growing number of accolades and listeners, its safe to say that Ajay Mathur is in it for the long haul…and we are too.

Watch “Forgot About Yesterday”: https://youtu.be/pVY1QSM3CWE

Find Ajay Mathur Online:

Youtube Channel

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