Astral Cloud Ashes Shares Dashing New Release


Dear Absentee Creator has just released the new album, “Astral Cloud Ashes.” The brainchild of Antony Walker, he entices and delights on the record, which makes us wonder where he has been all of our lives. As he blends epic sounds of rock, indie, alternative and a little Emo, the result is a sound that is unique and very much his own. Every track on the album stands out prominently while creating a cohesive collection that stuns from beginning to end. Showcasing the different sides of his musical abilities, Walker takes center stage on vocals, guitar, bass, drum, and synths. Impressive to say the least! On the record standout favorites for us include the noteworthy single “Grateful for the Ghost In Our House,” alongside “Old Moods,” and “Ironed Shirts.” What does Dear Absentee Creator have up his sleeve next? We’re on the edge of our seats to hear….

Watch the new video here:

Find Astral Cloud Ashes online, here:

Youtube Channel

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