Armonite Share Bold New Record

armonite-1Today from Pavia, Italy we bring to you the captivating band Armonite. The group who blend an sultry mixture of prog-rock into the world, are bringing a new sound to the table…and on their terms. With their new album “And the Stars Above,” they break new musical boundaries as nothing holds them back. The group was started by founders Paolo Fosso (composer) and Jacopo Bigi (violinist), which help bring their notable sound to life. On the new record, it is evident that the group put their heart and soul into the release. The result is a collection of songs, that will not only draw your attention, but hold it closely. Each piece on the record compliments the next perfectly. You will find yourself falling in love with songs such as “Clouds Collide,” and “By Heart,” and enthralled in pieces such as “District Red,” and “What’s the Rush?” If you have the chance to purchase one record this year, we highly recommend you make it be “And the Stars Above.” You will not be disappointed.

Watch “Suitcase War”

Find the band online, here:

Youtube Channel

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