Eric Anders Gets Real on “Eleven Nine”

Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 7.21.21 PM

Modern Mystery favorite Eric Anders is back with a new release for the 2018 jump. The politically-in-tuned record, “Eleven Nine.” Sharing his thoughts and ideas regarding the current presidency, Anders takes a subtle but meaningful approach as he releases a modern day protest record. The folk-filled release is skillfully crafted from start to finish. Drawing in your ears with the lead single “This Fire Has Burned Too Long,” piece after piece brings an intelligent discussion to the table.


His thought process is engaging and focus driven as each song on the album opens a whole new realm of idea. Not your cookie cutter folk artist by any mean, Anders brings his soul and inner-self into the record that makes the listening experience even more real. If you listen to only one new record this year, make it Eric Anders’ “Eleven Nine;” he will engage your mind on a whole new level.


Watch “This Fire Has Burned Too Long” on Youtube:
Find Eric Anders via:


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