Raven King Bring Grunge Back

Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 6.56.23 PM

Raven King are here and ready to rock your 2018. Their new release, the self-titled masterpiece, is enticing from start to finish as they bring a solid record to the table. Channeling their grunge roots, the band is unstoppable. The lead single “Drool,” is beyond infectious as it shows the heart and soul of the band. Throughout the record we are welcomed by swirling guitars, insightful lyrics and musical abilities that put most modern contemporaries to shame.

Pieces such as “Lost Token,” and “Marble” also garner your attention right from the beginning. Why does Raven King stand out above the rest in the current realm of music? Their knack for writing heavy-hitting songs with great accessibility makes them an act to watch out for this year…it’s only the beginning and we are certainly on board.


Give a listen to the album playlist via Spotify or Bandcamp.

Watch the music video for lead single “Drool“.

Find the band via:

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