Jason Vitelli Delights With “Head Above Tide”

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Jason Vitelli is a name to watch for 2018. Following the buzzworthy artist in the recent years as a Brooklynite, his intriguing songs will grasp your attention from the very beginning. The start of this year sees Vitelli sharing his newest endeavor, “Head Above Tide,” which is absolutely delightful. Filled with eclectic sounds from jazz to rock , the record is an art rocker’s dream. As each song on the album drew my ears in, the impressive 16-track release didn’t slow down even once. Song after song he held my attention and brought the album to a new level.
Kicking off with one of the lead singles, “The Persecuted,” this is only the start of what Vitelli has to offer on the release. Stunning vocals, gorgeous harmonies, and skillfully crafted textures make up the record, over a bed of charming instrumentation. With each song having a life of it’s own, I fell in love with pieces such as “D-Day,” and “Trees.” Jason Vitelli has quickly become one of my favorite artists, and he as really outdone himself on this latest release. My ears are beyond pleased, as yours will be.

“The Persecuted on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osXPyGL1cW8

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