First Blush Unveils New Album “Monologic” Out Today!


First Blush is the brainchild of Charles Sekel, a former Julliard pre-college program kid-turned-indie musician. Sekel’s music is a reflection of his battle to defeat a continuous cycle of self-destructive behavior stemming back nearly a decade. Today we see First Blush releasing his ambitious new record, Monologic, an enticing LP that stands out among the Summer releases. Combining elements of electronic and indie elements, First Blush takes a chance with the experimental sound.

The album releases a number of sonically alluring tracks. From the soothing opener “Before & After,” to the dreamy lead single “Gold,” Sekel showcases his artistry throughout the record. Pieces such as “What Remains,” bring a dash of rock n’ roll flavor to the table, breaking up the tones of the album, yet fitting like a glove. Throughout every listen you can tell that Monologic is a true labor of blood, sweat and tears. From infectious harmonies to melodic vocals, the LP carries itself proudly. We’ll have this one spinning all weekend for sure!


Listen here:



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