Maxwell Powers Puts Life into Death with New Single

unnamed (1)

Maxwell Powers has just unleashed his new single,”Death (It Feels Alright),” the second single from Powers forthcoming 6 Things EP. While he recorded the entire album entirely in the corner of his living room, he collaborated with two veteran Bay Area Engineers/Producers: Mikael Eldridge (Tycho, DJ Shadow) and Sean Beresford (Run DMC, Third Eye Blind). The result is sonically rich tracks showing a diverse journey that is instantly catchy and rewards deeper listening.

Powers says of the track:

“It was inspired by an intense experience with Ayahuasca (an ancient South American medicinal drug). The word Ayahuasca means “Death’s Rope” in ancient Quechua, and some people experience the feeling of death during the ceremony. That is, death in what I would describe as the most glorious way you can imagine.”

Give a listen to “Death (It Feels Alright),” below:

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