Getting Acquainted with The Cheek of Her


Hailing from the United Kingdom meet The Cheek of Her, the prominent outfit from Singer-Songwriter and pianist, Helen Dooley. Blending classic elements of Pop, Rock an Alternative stylings, The Cheek of Her will be a hit with the fan-bases of artists such as Lily Allen, The Dresden Dolls and Kate Nash.

Garnering accolades from the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and beyond, The Cheek of Her releases a special and captivating EP, Black Heart Mantra, which shows the very heart and soul of Dooley’s musical venture.

“9 Lives” is the latest single from the album which shares a captivating animated video in tow. With Dooley’s heavenly vocals intertwined throughout, the story is blissfully brought to life.

With the help of Pedro Chaves of Dream Journey Studios, the video proves to be The Cheek of Her’s most adventurous and entertaining yet. The noteworthy piece helps to set the tone for the prominent EP which is perfect on every level.

Watch the video for “9 Lives,” here:



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