bitter’s kiss Shares Video for “The Ropes”


Weehawken, New Jeresey based bitter’s kiss reveals her latest video for “The Rope.” From her currently, beautifully crafted EP, Love Won’t Make You Cry the video is a dark and eerie look into the musical realm of songstress Chloe Baker; the girl behind bitter’s kiss.

Her haunting and soft voice brought to life with strings and twangy guitars laced throughout on the remix version of the song. Enlisting the help of her Father for instrumentation and producing, the two create an unstoppable and unforgettable force.

“The Rope,” is a song that brings up the subject and feelings regarding the untimely death of Baker’s young, distant cousin who had committed suicide. A heavy topic to deal with at such a young age, bitter’s kiss provides an insightful and touching tribute with a maturity and tasteful realm of content.

The video pays a fitting tribute, and one you will not soon forget.

Watch her video for “The Rope” (radio mix) at Youtube:

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