Eagle I Stallian & Quilla “Get It Right” Indeed


“Get It Right,” is the newest single from Eagle I Stallian & Quilla. The powerful and astonishing piece is driven by elements of human emotion which range from love to the determination to move forward in life.

Laced with inspirational lyrics, the song takes center stage with an introspective and uplifting vibrancy. “Get It Right,” is the perfect first glimpse into the fresh musical endeavors of Eagle I Stallian & Quilla. Eagle I Stallian, best known for their Heavy-Rock laced Electronic music, joins forces with Quilla to create an unstoppable and buzzworthy force, that will make “Get It Right,” an instant and captivating favorite for 2016.

With impressive elements that range from influences from House Music to Indie Pop, the group recalls sounds of artists such as Grimes and Knife Party; these features are spread throughout the piece create a unique and cohesive sound that evokes vibrancy….and leaves you craving more.

Listen to Eagle I Stallian & Quilla “Get It Right” via Soundcloud:



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