Andy Evans Enlightens With Upcoming New Record


Andy Evans writes Americana music with a little dose of heaven on the side. Set to release his upcoming effort, Miracle, due out January 2016, Evans brings a great deal of talent to the table. Drawing from the great current Americana songbook of acts such as Ryan Adams and the Alabama Shakes, Evans brings his own eclectic and unique set of skills and shines above the rest. Tasty guitar riffs and infectious vocals bring the record to life, which is notable in pieces such as the title track, “Miracle.” He brings in a perfect blend of blues and rock, which infuses and flows perfectly throughout each song.

Miracle is full of range which shows an energetic upbeat side, yet there are songs that slows things down like the ballad-esque piece “45.” Evans voice is delightful and filled with emotion, not only making him a great songwriter, but a musician as well. The instrumentation that is presented in the songs are captivating and genuine in sound and in spirit.

Personally one of the most standout tracks for me is “I Wish She Was Mine.” The depth of his spirit and singing in the piece offers a dose of heartbreak and love. This really makes the listener feel like they are getting in the soul and mind of Evans.

Miracle quickly proves to be a record that is a must have for 2016, trust me on this one.

Andy Evans via Facebook:

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