Nemo James Releases “The Minstrel”


Nemo James debuts his new release, The Minstrel, to the delight of eager ears. James, who turned his back on a successful career as a session guitarist in London, has shifted the tables to focus on songwriting. Bringing his life experiences into play, he has a unique style that brings to life his acoustic based influenced and his new endeavor, an autobiography titled Just a Few Seconds. James was on hiatus for 12 years before returning to music. His folk-esque sound revives classics such as Cat Stevens with a big of edge.

The Minstrel is filled with captivating tracks; 17 of them to be exact, and each are increasingly stellar. His knack for instrumentation and songwriting shine through within every piece on the album, proving his is definitely a mainstay in the music community. Pieces such as “The Poet,” give a perfect first glimpse into James and the record as a whole, with beautiful lyrics and intricate music that lays as the perfect bed for the song. James talent to captivate folk audiences is a gorgeous thing all on its own, as each piece is laced with a special unique quality. One song that stands out to me that I instantly had on replay is “Dreamer on the Run.” The instrumentation in the song can be described with one word: Stunning. Throughout the record James gets a little bit dark, but it fits the theme like a glove. For those who love a good, solid folk record, this one is definitely worth your time to check out.

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